Assisted Living in Chennai

Our Best old age home in Chennai is located at Alwarpet which is in the heart of Chennai City. Currently, we are expanding to 4+ locations in Chennai. As a futuristic approach, we are investing our research in availing the facilities to major cities in Tamil Nadu.

Our Vision is to help Senior Citizens with world-class facilities in managing their geriatric ages in a peaceful environment. We at senior assisted living Chennai focus much on bringing 24 x 7 Assisted living, Home Nursing Services, Doctor on Call Services, etc.

To grant one of the finest Independent and facilitated assisted living Chennai. We are blessed with a team of experienced healthcare experts, home nurses, caretakers, counselors, nutritionists, physical trainers, physiotherapists, etc.

We act as comfortable shoes for the legs that have run for many decades. As we make them feel like being at their own home with complete freedom and customized services, they forget this as the best old age home in Chennai.

We act as comfortable shoes for the legs that have run for many decades. As we make them feel like being at their own home with complete freedom and customized services, they forget this as Senior Citizen Care Home.

Is Assisted Living an old age home in Chennai?

Yes, our Assisted Living is a paid old age home in Chennai that provides various personal, health, and medical care for all people (especially senior citizens). The service provider can make people comfortable through individual rooms, shared rooms, and dormitories. It provides high-end facilities like On Call doctor services, nursing services, Nutritious Foods, a Peaceful environment, Personal Grooming, housekeeping, and laundry hence we are the best old age home in Chennai.

1. Nursing Service:

Our experienced and qualified nurses will be 24/7 available in assisting and managing the physical and mental health challenges. Our team always ensures care with passion, love, and affection.

2. Doctor On Call:

This service is one of our prime facilities for our beloved seniors at Aayushka. Every senior person needs a solution or comfort zone immediately and their comfort is laid on the physician whom they consult with. So, we provide a 24/7 facility to get in touch with their doctors.

3. Palliative Care:

This is one of the care provided for the patients who have limited days in mother earth. It is generally termed as “end-of-life” healthcare facilities. The main objective of palliative care is pain management, discomfort, breathing disorder, anxiety, etc. We always focus on providing quality of life and make them comfortable in managing their difficulties.

4. Elderly Day Care:

We provide both medical and nursing care for our elderly people at our care home. We create an environment where they can easily communicate between people of the same age group. This makes them comfortable as people of the same age group will have a greater bond on sharing views and ideas. Even family members of these senior citizens can be assured of their safety and management.

5. Step Down Health Care:

This service is available for elderly patients who require critical supervision and nursing care post surgeries. It is not advised for family members to handle those patients, as their life is at risk. Even general ward hospitalization is too expensive. So, we provide efficient monitoring on health status, personal care, and nursing which can recover them with immediate effect.

Why Choose Aayushkaliving as your Assisted Living Facilitator:

  • Well located near Multi Speciality Hospitals, Spiritual Centres, Parks, and beaches.
  • Customized Assisted Living Facilities.
  • Nutrition Balanced Food (Veg-Only for Vegetarians)
  • Daily Doctor Visits
  • 24/7 Nursing Services
  • Geriatrician investigations and Medications.
  • 24/7 co-ordinations with the best hospitals in the city for emergency purposes.
  • Personal Nursing care is also available on a customized plan
  • Experienced Nurses, Dieticians, Physiotherapists.