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Aayushka as the name means Peaceful living. We at aayushka strive to look after our elders like our own. Is this a Senior Citizen Care Home? Yes, it is. But, we believe in providing all the elders a feel of their own home with personalized care.

Home to the people where you could be yourself, live your precious years as per your wish, and our extra care just to make sure you are safe and valued.

With a focus on serving the hands who served their family for decades, we have set up an environment that pampers them with natural green air and positive vibes streaming in.

As one of the leading Senior Citizen Care Home in Chennai, we operate with many customized plans and features like,

  • Flexi Rental Model
  • Budget-Friendly Rooms
  • Healthy Foods. Pure Veg is also available
  • 24*7 Nursing Services
  • Doctor On Call Services
  • Located in a location which is easily accessible to top hospitals
  • Elder Friendly Infrastructure
  • Indoor Games and Outdoor Activities to keep them fit and healthy
  • Regular Doctor Visit and Consultation
  • Palliative Care

With an aim to make senior living much more than just retirement, Aayushka reflects your fine taste and preferences. Here, you’ll enjoy an aesthetic ambiance, choicest luxuries, amenities as well as 24-hour care and safety, recreational activities to keep them engaged, comfortable, joyful, safe, and caring community living in the country specially designed for senior citizens.

Aayushka celebrates independent senior living, giving residents a great life with plenty of opportunities to socialize, partake in recreational activities or simply, enjoy an ambiance of bliss. We take of the old age people with great care and follow a protocol on managing nutrition for old age people.


Geriatric Assisted Living

Holistic Community Living

Holistic Community Living

Strategic Location

Elder Friendly Infrastructure

Easy access to hospital service

Engagement with community 

Flexi Rental Model

Health satvik food 

Smart Security System 

Health & Wellness 

Doctor Visit


Senior Citizen Care Home Services

To love is great, to be loved by someone is an even greater feeling.

Assisted Living

Assisted Living - Aayushkaliving

Assisted Living is a type of home care that provides various personal, health, medical care for all people (especially senior citizens). The service provider can make people comfortable through individual rooms, shared rooms, and dormitories.It provides high-end facilities like nursing services, Nutritious Foods, Personal Grooming, housekeeping, and laundry.

Nursing Services

We provide 24*7 Nursing services for all the senior citizens, and patients who need continous monitoring. They will assist in managing would healing procedures, daily injections like insulin and other appropriate medications needed. Our expertise nursing team are capable of managing any emergency sitaution apart from surgeries with their first aid equipments

Retirement Home

Retirement Homes in chennai

This is just like Old age home. We are previlieged to say that the old age home is attached with assisted living facilities. This makes your retirement life a blissful moment. At the same time our home has a team who provide personalized care, and they completely be accountable on your daily activiteis like walking, food, laundry, medications, indoor games, Yoga, etc

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