Senior Citizens Short-Term Stay Service Apartments In Chennai

At Aayushka luxury retirement homes in Chennai, we understand that caregiving for a senior loved one is not a responsibility but a reward. We also understand that caregivers need a break from their regular routines to travel, fulfill their commitments, get energized, or simply get recharged. Aayushka offers service apartments for short-term stays that are perfect for seniors whose caregivers are traveling or temporarily unavailable to care for them. Available for up to one month, our service apartments for short-term stays are also an option for seniors needing assistance after a hospital visit or during an illness. 

Your Home Away From Home

Aayushka assisted living homes in Chennai provide an exceptional experience for seniors requiring temporary care at our service apartments. We believe that every individual deserves the utmost respect, compassion, and attention, regardless of the duration of their stay. Our service apartments for short-term stays give seniors personalized care plans tailored to their needs and preferences.

Comprehensive Care & Support After Hospital Visit Or During Illness

During the short-term stay of seniors at our service apartments, your loved one will benefit from our comprehensive care and support services. Our service apartments are committed to offering short-term stays for elders who need help after a hospital visit or during an illness. Our dedicated caregivers are available 24/7 for medication management, personal care, and daily activities. From bathing and dressing to medication reminders, we ensure your loved one’s well-being is our top priority. With our focus on hospitality and healthcare expertise, families can rest assured knowing their loved ones are in the best hands possible.

Engaging Social Activities

We understand the importance of social engagement and mental stimulation for seniors’ well-being. Our community offers diverse activities and programs to keep seniors physically, mentally, and emotionally active. Something exciting always happens at our Aayushka Living, from indoor games to outdoor activities. Short-term stay residents can join these activities and forge new friendships.

Delicious & Nutritious Meals

Healthy and balanced meals play a crucial role in seniors’ health. Our talented culinary team takes pride in preparing delicious and nutritious meals, accommodating dietary preferences or restrictions. Whether it’s a special dietary requirement or a favorite dish, Aayushka senior citizen homes in Chennai vegetarian go the extra mile to ensure every meal is a delightful experience for our residents at service apartments.

Safe & Supportive Environment

Safety and security are paramount in our service apartments, and we ensure smart security solutions for our residents. We also ensure that our full-time residents at service apartments feel safe and comfortable through our enhanced emergency response systems.

Flexible Stay Options

We understand that every situation is unique. Our residents’ stays at service apartments are designed flexibly, including options for a few days, weeks, or one month. We are here to accommodate your needs and ensure that your loved one feels at home during their time with us.

Aayushka old age home in ECR Chennai with service apartments is more than just a place to stay – it’s a warm and welcoming home where seniors can experience exceptional care, engaging activities, and the companionship of a supportive community. Our service apartments for seniors provide the perfect balance of care and independence for your loved one while giving caregivers the peace of mind they need. The Elite Staycation for Seniors Spend your days with comfort and care! This is the option for you if you need a quick getaway with your family, friends, or by yourself and are seeking senior-friendly accommodations, nursing support, and palliative care. Book your stay, relive your memories