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As an Assisted Living service provider, AayushkaLiving excels high priority towards managing elders by Home nursing services in Chennai. Yes, we understood that there are many pain points for the Geriatric people you can’t travel towards an old age home, so we prefer serving them at home nursing services. People over here have different health challenges and it requires an experienced and expert medical team

Nursing Services are basically managing senior citizens or patients with a group of qualified Nurses for all the medical needs at their comfort. This service helps patients to avoid the charges spent on hospitalization if they don’t require continuous monitoring or intensive care.

Senior Citizen Home or Assisted Living Centers will be holding nursing services as default to help and monitor the people who stay there. This service helps patients and senior citizens with wound dressing, monitoring Blood pressure and glycemic levels, medications, ventilator management, intravenous drips, etc.

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Why Choose us for Home Nursing Services in Chennai:

As an experienced senior citizen home center, we have more in-built facilities which help in managing basic and interventional medications. This helps patients to continue the treatment at a lower cost compared to hospitalization bills.

Researchers have found that patients get speedy recovery while they are cared for personally and in a home atmosphere. It brings a personal connection and preference towards the needed patients.

We also provide mental health exercises, psychiatry care, physiotherapy care, Nutritional and Wellness Counseling, etc. The major necessities to choose AayushkaLiving as your  Nursing Service partners are,

  • Regular Checkups and Monitoring of Patients according to their disease severity.
  • Monitoring of Nutritions over the food they have and the diet plans to be maintained
  • If required, we will be including doctors for additional checkups.
  • Initiating changes as per doctor’s advice and prescriptions.
  • Ensuring a safe atmosphere. We have surrounded our Senior Citizen Care Home with trees that supply 24/7 oxygen. This nurtures and boosts their dopamine levels.
  • Pain Management for palliative care patients
  • Personal education on self-care.
  • Our home is in-built with a small library, indoor games, etc. These will substantially keep them in positivity.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is Home Care Nursing Services?

Home nursing services are like patient care at their home. The services basically cover bathing, grooming, scheduled medicines like eye drops, BP, diabetes tables. It also covers advanced services like wound management, post-surgical care, catheterization care, oxygen administration, iv administrations and other health monitoring.

Can I get Nursing Care at Home?

Yes, we at Aayushkaliving provide nursing care at the doorsteps of senior citizens, and patients. Our home nursing services in Chennai comprises mental and physical health services that are managed at home by trained nurses. Nursing Care at home is comparatively cheaper than hospitals, yet get the same quality of services. The charges like hospital rent, hospital rounding charges, etc can be reduced by nurses at home.

How much does a home nursing services cost in chennai?

As per Justdail research with 100+ home nursing service providers in Chennai. The cost ranges between Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200 per day, depending on the illness, and diseases.

What are the basic services provided by home care nursing services?

The services covered by Home Nursing services are

  • Personal Grooming
  • Wound management
  • Post-surgical care
  • Catheterization car
  • Oxygen administration
  • iv administrations
  • Nutrition Therapies
  • Injections
  • Suture Removal
  • Other health monitoring.