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Retirement Homes in Chennai

Best Retirement Home Services in Chennai

Retirement Home is generally termed as an old age home, where retired or senior citizens spend their post-retirement life. The basic role of this home is to take care of senior citizens who are in need of protection, happiness, and Joy.

Aayushka Assisted Living has an advanced environment compared to any retirement home available in Chennai. As retirement care is a part of our assisted living services, our complete focus is to add peace and energy, and quality of life.

Basically handling retired people needs a deeper psychological understanding. We should understand their mindset by their look and behavior, and make them comfortable. The better would be engaging the environment positively and healthy.

Aayushka Living takes pride in maintaining our care home with complete sanitation, Healthy and Nutritious Diet plan in providing healthy vegetarian food. Our aim is to keep our geriatricians involved in indoor games, and outdoor activities. As it boosts their physical and mental strength.

To keep them updated with immense knowledge we have an inbuilt mini-library. To our surprise we saw many senior people spend quality time here. Apart from this we also guard them by,

  • 24*7 Nursing Services
  • Health Satvik Foods
  • Regular Doctor Consultation
  • Smart Security System and personal alarming machines
  • Free WiFi
  • Holistic Living Community
  • Flexi Rental Model
  • Located in Heart of the City, Alwarpet
Retirement Homes in chennai

At AayushkaLiving, we always focus on making life better for the people who sacrificed their joy and time for building their generations. That’s the reason we love giving the best amenities and facilities