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Cardio Exercises for Seniors:Top Workouts & Health Benefits

Although regular cardiac exercises are beneficial for all ages, especially for Senior Citizens. You get more energy, sharper intellect, and help control your weight with cardio. It may also lessen anxiety and depression symptoms and even keep you feeling youthful and energetic.

Seniors should engage in a variety of exercises, including cardio exercise, as well as other sorts of exercise. There were even greater benefits when mixing different types of exercise, which improves the quality of life. In addition, they lost body fat and improved their cholesterol levels as a result of the exercise.

Cardiac Workout or Exercise are termed to be an intensive burnout of our calories through a fast walk, cycling, Jog for a period of 20-30 mins a day. The most advisable timing is early morning, as you can get Vitamin D from Sun.

It should be practiced by everyone regardless of their age group to avoid disease and complications. It becomes a mandate for Senior Citizens, advisably an easy intensive workout. 

Your workout can be classified on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the easiest and 10 being the most difficult. On a scale of 1 to 10, 5 or 6 are considered moderate intensity. Intensity scale: 7 or 8 for vigorous activity. Intensity is relative to each person, so choose workouts that keep you at a 5 or 6. Let us understand in more detail.

Low Intensity Exercises:

They are suitable for senior citizens with a wide range of medical issues that make exertion difficult or risky. Among low-intensity cardio exercises, walking is the most common. 

Elders can walk at a modest pace while doing everyday chores, and a faster walk could be an option if their health and stamina improves. As with recreational swimming, it is a low-intensity cardiac exercise that helps to relieve joint pain. Find one or two that work for you from the following seven workouts:

  • Pace yourself while walking.
  • Spinning laps in the pool
  • Making use of an elliptical machine
  • Weights are slowly being lifted
  • Consistent rowing
  • Relaxed cycling

Moderate-Intensity Exercises:

Healthy older individuals are typically advised to engage in moderate-intensity exercise. Cycling is a popular low-impact activity. Even if you have the ability to walk or jog, consider bicycling or swimming instead.

Your body will function more efficiently if you engage in modest physical activity. At first, don’t get frustrated if you’re only able to do a little. Exercises of moderate intensity include a wide range of activities. You can find some of them below:

  • Walking fast
  • It’s a breeze to jog about.
  • A treadmill can be used to walk or jog.
  • Elliptical trainer workout
  • Bicycling at a speed of less than 10 mph, on flat terrain
  • Relaxing in the water
  • Dancing in the ballroom and line dancing

High-Intensity Exercises:

Mostly, young and healthy people can benefit from high-intensity exercises. Scientists have discovered that High intensity exercises can improve health and fitness for just about everyone, and that it has even greater benefits for older persons than for younger adults.

Everything is possible for 30 seconds or two minutes. That way you can do it again when you’ve had a chance to regain your breath. Exercises at high and low intensity can be alternate during this workout. Some High-intensity exercises are:

  • Knee-highs
  • Jump squats 
  • Mountain climbing
  • Push-ups

Guidelines on Cardio Excersise for Senior Citizens

The suggestions appear straightforward, yet putting them into action can be challenging. Set up your cardio routine by following these steps:

  • Mix of moderate and high intensive cardio exercises, 3-5 days a week for 20-30 Minutes
  • Moderate intensity cardio for 30 minutes per workout/150 minutes per week, 5 days a week
  • High intensive cardio for 20-25 minutes, 3 days a week/75 minutes per week.
  • Decide how you’re going to work out. The easiest way to do this is to choose a few exercises from the ‘no equipment essential’ section and alternate between them during a training regimen.
  • The easiest way to create your own personal regimen is to select low-impact workouts that can be incorporated into your daily routine.
  • Pick something you’ll enjoy, that’s easy to get to, and that meets your requirements.
  • For best results, start with what you can handle and progressively increase the duration of your workouts.
  • Go at a comfortable pace to get used to it. At this point, you can go a little further. 
  • Work at a level where you can converse. Warm up is a fantastic way to improve endurance without having to work hard for the entire session.
  • You can start with three days a week with rest days in between if you are a beginner or are unsure of what you’re capable of. More days can be added if you’re ready.
  • Consider finding an exercise buddy to help you out if you have a tendency to put off exercise.
  • Warming up before exercising is essential. Warm-ups are important when preparing your muscles for the exercise to come. In the absence of sufficient preparation, you run the danger of causing injury to yourself or others.

Benefits of Cardio Excersise for Senior Citizen:

However, how precisely can cardio exercise improve senior citizen’s health? Check out these cardiac benefits that can help you stay healthy.

Enhances the health of the heart

Cardio exercise elevates the heart rate dramatically, which is one of the most important components of it. Your heart is primarily made up of muscle, and it functions according to the same regulations as other muscles. The more you use it, the more powerful it becomes. 

Keep your cardiovascular system healthy and strong by doing cardio exercises. This will reduce the number of times you need to breathe per minute in order for your body to receive more oxygen.

Reduces Weight and Keeps Fit:

It’s guaranteed to result in weight loss when practiced with a proper diet plan! There are better ways to burn fat, but cardiac’s intensive routines and full-body concentration make it a great way to lose weight over time.

When weight is in control, your blood sugar levels and Blood Pressure will be in control. These two are the major health issue many senior citizens fell under.

Controlled weight has additional benefit of stimulating growth hormones, which is specially need for the elderly people

Reduces Stress

Exercise in general promotes the production of endorphins, a feel-good hormone that improves mood and decreases stress.

When it comes to stress relief, nothing beats a few rounds with the punching bag! Your mind will be more focused on the game than on whatever is worrying you out, so you’ll get a mental vacation from your troubles.


Cardio, like all forms of exercise, can be thrown into without a thought.

As a result of the hard nature of the workout and the need for self-discipline required to complete it, it’s worth taking a minute to reflect before beginning. 

While cardio is often thought of as a hard, high-intensity kind of exercise, there are ways for seniors to be active without causing harm to themselves or their bodies. 

We at AayushkaLiving provide training and manage  Cardio Exercises to our resident senior citizens with care. 

There’s a lot to pick from, whether it’s getting out and about or doing simple chores. These tips may help you on your journey for a better lifestyle.

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